When refinement and elegance are at home

When refinement and elegance are at home

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Today I’d like to tell you about a splendid nineteenth-century residence nestled in the heart of the Langhe, at Monforte d’Alba to be precise: Villa Beccaris.

Located at the centre of an ancient park, Villa Beccaris offers numerous rooms and amenities suitable for various purposes, which can be used even during the winter months.

From the main entrance the visitor arrives at an inner courtyard paved with cobblestones; one of the four facades boasts marble decorations and there is a small enclosed well, indications of an ancient past.

Passing through the courtyard, we come to the park: a marvel of green nature with magnificent centuries-old trees and, on the left-hand side, an extensive wrought iron structure ideal for use in the summer months for wedding receptions and banquets.

The gardens also have a swimming pool, a blue jewel with fabulous views over the Langhe hills.

To the right of the courtyard is the orangery: a glazed and heated structure in Liberty style, perfectly blended with its surroundings and extremely picturesque. This magical space with a retro feel gives the impression of being suspended in place…and time!

The orangery is connected to the main house by an interior corridor which leads to the entrance hall, also containing the breakfast bar.

Upstairs we find the rooms, whose decor and furnishings are faithful to the refined late-nineteenth century style that characterises the whole building.

In the basement is the infernot: an underground room typical of homes in the hills of Piedmont and linked to the history of wine-making. Once this room was used as a cellar, today it’s a perfect venue for business meetings and also private parties with an original twist.

The basement level is completed by a spinning area and a private garage.

Every corner of this classic residence is meticulously curated, resulting in a unique and very special setting.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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