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Organizing a wedding can be a long and complex activity that requires a lot of energy. Identifying the suitable location for the wedding, choosing the catering, the mise en place: these are just some of the many aspects to consider in preparation for the wedding, the most important day for you.

rely on a wedding planner

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Do you really want to risk your marriage not being perfect?
Trust a professional and enjoy the best day of your life without worries!


Alessandra Giuffra

wedding planner and creator of Brodo di Giuggiole.

I am ready to guide you in the realization of your dream, taking care of the entire wedding organization with empathy, listening skills and precision.

Why rely on a wedding planner?

Relying on a professional wedding planner makes organizing the wedding much easier, leaving the bride and groom the opportunity to enjoy the wait and live the best day of their life without carrying the stress and fatigue of the preparations.

As your personal wedding planner, after observing your wishes and understanding the specific needs for your wedding, I am committed to finding all the elements that can best meet your requests and make your wedding day unique.

Thanks to the professional experience gained over the years and the passion that binds me to this activity, you can count on my 360 ° advice. From suggestions to transform your day into the most beautiful day of your life, to the very important coordination of all the suppliers involved, both in the preparatory phase of the wedding, and throughout the event to make sure that everything is done flawlessly. .

Location identification
The location is among the most important elements in a wedding. The environment must stand out the spouses and their tastes but must also be equipped with specific characteristics and appropriate to the style of the wedding.
The value chain
All suppliers involved in the organization of the wedding must be managed with perfect synchronization. Even the smallest problem can ruin the whole day.
Attention to detail
The success of a wedding, what can make it truly unique, is in even the smallest details. With the support of a wedding planner, everything is taken care of with the utmost attention and it is easier to prevent or manage any problem.
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