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Alessandra Giuffra

Wedding Planner

My name is Alessandra and I have been organizing weddings and events for several years. As they say these days, I’m an “event & wedding planner”, operating mainly in Piedmont and Liguria. I love writing and here, in this little corner, the time has come to talk about myself!!

I was born in Savona and raised in a beautiful seaside town in Liguria. I attended an artistic high school before continuing my studies to obtain a degree in cultural heritage. This mixture of learning about art and creativity developed my passion and curiosity regarding the beauty of my country.

Apassionethat became a


Living in Italy and having the means to travel allows us to understand how lucky we are and how much potential there is to offer charming and evocative backdrops for those who wish to stand out from the crowd and celebrate in exclusive locations.

This was what induced me to become a wedding planner; learning to look beyond my usual confines and broadening the scope of my activities outside of Piedmont and to the other regions of Italy.

I have been carrying out this work for almost ten years, with a long journey through the world of events behind me. This experience provided me with powerful foundations in learning to deal on a daily basis with the unexpected problems of this multifaceted profession (that can never bore!), in which one must always be ready to take risks.


Years ago, when I first started working in this industry, it wasn’t easy to get hired but I think I achieved my goal because of my values, showing myself for who I really am through honesty and transparency, and always being candid with my couples.

This is the philosophy that enabled me to enter this sector on tiptoes and to create a solid network of contacts around me, bringing to life a world that is all mine, built on my identity.

To me, the scope of one’s values and the professional aspect are two deeply connected factors as one is the consequence of the other. If people choose me, it is also and above all because we share the same points of view.


Today, organizing a wedding is an increasingly complex challenge to meet the needs of an attentive public that is always seeking new inspiration; after all, the word “event” denotes an extraordinary occurrence and so must be remembered.

Over the years, requests to organize weddings have also changed, becoming more and more specific and articulate.

The trend today, particularly for foreign couples, is to extend the wedding over multiple days, creating a special opportunity to stay in irresistibly charming tourist destinations and spend quality time with loved ones.

Organizing events is a way to communicate and leave a mark and this is the challenge I set myself every time!

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